From the boulevards of Paris and avenues of New York, to the streets of London and the colonnades of Madrid, the most sought after brands will mark out this superior shopping centre.

Located close by the beach-front, this stunning retail environment will offer a consumer experience to match any high-end shopping centre anywhere in the world, a sensory delight bringing to Venus Rock the very latest runway fashions from around the globe.

In addition to the wide range of fashion outlets, visitors to Venus Rock will be able to take advantage of outlets catering to your daily essentials such as the large well-stocked supermarket, the bank, car rental, pharmacy, bakery...  Once at Venus Rock there is no need to leave - everything you could need will be a short walk away.

Meanwhile the beach-front will ensure instant relaxation in cooling, shaded, signature bars and restaurants, overlooking the glittering waters of the Mediterranean.

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